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Solo Game in a Week

I was the sole developer of this quirky little submission to the first OST Game Jam.

With nothing but a piece of music and the prompt from the 2 Hour Album Challenge that sparked this jam, I was responsible for finding and realizing an experience.

I settled on the intense, goofy experience of being a cat on a roomba with a mission. Every action from there on was to reinforce that experience.

Working to keep the singular isometric view from getting in the way of the gameplay is the greatest challenge I faced. The x-ray bubble keeps the player focused on navigating the house and hunting the Dust Bunnies.


Pathfinder's Guide to Azeroth

Unofficial TTRPG Setting

After a few months of playing a Pathfinder Second Edition game set in Azeroth during the Second War, I found the pile of homebrew stacking up high enough to injure a clumsy gnome.

I've overhauled the magic and healing systems, restructured classes, introduced Ancestries and Heritages that have no equal in Golarion, and I've decided the best way to deliver this content to my players is to compile the work into a sourcebook.

The effort has required a deep understanding of Warcraft and its design. Capturing the feeling of a class and its gameplay and translating that to a turn-based narrative RPG has been a welcome challenge.

Linked here is just a taste of what I've created. This project is not affiliated with Blizzard or Paizo and not for commercial purposes, but it illustrates some of my best work to date.

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Feel the Music

moodSing is a music recommendation app that suggests music suited to the weather around the user as well as their current mood and preferred genre.

As the Git Master of this project, I had to ensure the team was following best practices for the technology that was new to all of them. I also designed much of the core functionality of the site.

I trained myself in the use of Express to create a server for handling our API requests and security. Keeping our access to Spotify's API would have been impossible on a truly static site.

This site won Best UI/UX out of a cohort of 30 student sites.


Something From Nothing

Coming April 28…

If you are reading this, I am currently working with a team of developers to deliver a new puzzling, strategic game for the 1GAM jam.

As chief designer, my responsibilties on this project are designing and balancing the core game loop; coordinating the art, music, and UI/UX developers to reinforce the core of the game; and ensuring the smooth delivery of this game to the players.