Photo of Jacob Cowan

Hi, I'm Jacob.

I support everyone regardless of gender (or lack thereof), sexuality, race, or otherwise. I will not stand for their marginalization, and I seek opportunities to uplift their voices. Human rights means all humans.

Aside from the work on display across this site, I have a much wider body of interests and experiences to draw from.

I can't get enough when it comes to learning new things! I find that the more I know about a variety of topics, the better I understand each topic in turn. Even the seemingly mundane can prove endlessly interesting to me.

I am glad to challenge myself with developing new skills and learning new tools, and I work well under pressure. When I started working, I learned to roller skate on the job. I learned to install flooring on the job. I learned to teach on the job.

I volunteer a lot of my time to the local FIRST® Tech Challenge robotics team, and have done so since before I graduated high school. I helped found both the middle and high school teams back then. The mechatronics program at Mt. Baker also wouldn't exist were it not for my efforts, and I've helped students send their work to space because of it.

My coworkers have come to rely on my helpful attitude and flexibility. My students love the way I explain things and often prefer my perspective over that of their teachers.

I also dedicate much of my time to music. I have been in choir since elementary school and distinguished myself as a top student and core part of our choir community. I also started my own band and practiced songwriting and a variety of instruments.

I am a puzzler who relishes the opportunity to solve complex problems. That may be the biggest reason I'm drawn to game development; not a single piece of knowledge is without some use in the field. I just need to find where to apply it.

One place I often apply that knowledge is in helping my friends game together. I administer a TrueNAS home media server and have set up various Minecraft servers on Linux. Troubleshooting issues with those servers is always worth it to see the excitement in their users' eyes.